Until the lions have their own storytellers the tales of hunting will always glorify the hunter. (African proverb)
Life is too short to date a stingy man. (Yoruba proverb, Nigeria)
It takes a village to raise a child. (African proverb)
A river that forgets its source will surely dry up. (Yoruba proverb, Nigeria)
The man who marries a beautiful woman and the farmer who grows corn by the road side have the same problem. (Ghana)
A heart that loves is always young. (Yoruba proverb, Nigeria)
Love is a painkiller. (Yoruba proverb, Nigeria)
Where there is love, there is no darkness. (Burundi)
There is something inside us that is beyond. TEDTALK
You cannot convince a monkey that honey is sweeter than banana (Nigeria)
A little bird dancing in the street has someone beating the drum in the bush. (Igbo proverb, Nigeria)
When talks run into a deadlock, a tricky man always gains. (Igbo proverb, Nigeria)
Love secured by force is hate (Igbo proverb, Nigeria)
The marriage that runs smoothly is the one in which the husband is deaf and dumb and the wife blind. (Igbo proverb, Nigeria)
Whoever stands up knows where he is going. (Igbo proverb, Nigeria)
Poverty of the mind is worse than that of the pocket. (Igbo proverb, Nigeria)
The food you eat in your debtor’s house does not count toward his debt. (Igbo proverb, Nigeria)
If you wish to lose your friend, just lend him money. (Igbo proverb, Nigeria)
When a handshake goes beyond the fist, it becomes either a fight or a romantic action.
The attire you wore to a celebration prompted the host to ask you to help in serving other guests. (Igbo proverb, Nigeria)
The world is like a Mask dancing
Among the Igbo people, the art of conversation is regarded very highly, and proverbs are the palm-oil with which words are eaten
Use your smile to change the world; don’t let the world change your smile
To get lost is to learn the way
o If you think you are too small to make a difference, you haven’t spent a night with a mosquito
It takes a whole village to raise a child
If you think education is expensive try ignorance
The man who marries a beautiful woman, and the farmer who grows corn by the roadside have the same problem (Ethiopia)
The anger of a penis doesn’t destroy the vagina (Zimbabwe).

MAFIAS’ REVENGE was written, directed and produced by the students of Lycée Notre Dame Chartres, France, under the supervision of our Nollywood Director, Filmmaker and Film Tutor Chucks Mordi who came all the way from London to teach them how to make a low budget movie in the Nollywood style. Many thanks.

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Frederick Maillard, the deputy director of Lycée Notre Dame Chartres, France was pleased with the Nollywood event called Film For Students day 2017; ‘It shows that it is possible to learn outside the classroom’ Two classes of junior students from Lycée Notre Dame High School, yesterday made a short film during a one day film workshop. Sixty four students of lycée Notre Dame, Chartres, discovered an unknown face of cinema. It’s not about Hollywood, or Bollywood but Nollywood. Some Nigerian stars such as the actress and producer Hannah Ojo and the filmmaker Chucks Mordi presented to students of the European and international classes their vision of cinema, and the interaction the whole day was in English language. Frederick Maillard, the deputy director of the high school was pleased with the operation; ‘It shows that it is possible to learn outside the classroom’ In fact, fifteen students in this high school were exposed to the art of film making; how to make a short film in one day under the supervision and eye of the Nigerian director Chucks Mordi, who came specially all the way from United Kingdom for the training, and the new filmmakers (the high school students) wrote the script, were behind the camera coupled with the post-production experience from Chucks Mordi to meet the objective of this workshop; which is understanding the dynamics and workings of the Nollywood phenomenon. For the other students the film ‘Bleeding Rose’ by film by Chucks Mordi was projected followed by constructive exchanges between the students and professionals of the Nigerian film industry. Hannah Ojo told the students her intention to go beyond technical constrains of cinema. For her, talent should be the driving force in terms of creativity for filmmakers

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In this video, Moses Babatope talks about cinema culture in Nigeria and how friday nights in Lagos tell the story of a cultural and bustling city… people have cultivated the habit to go to cinema theatres in Lagos. One of the movies he co-produced “The Wedding Party” made 1.5 million dollars . Enjoy