The Diary of a Lagos Hustler by Cyprian Josson

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The book “The Diary Lagos hustler” talks about the life of a young lady who has been through a lot, she has had it all good and rosy for her at first, and her sweet young nature always attracted people to her even right from a very tender age and right up to when she had to make difficult decisions, she still had that aura around her that people wanted to explore one way or the other.

 Chapter 1

Gives detailed info of the main character, her background information and also reflects a bit on her parents as this would key the reader in on how some of the character’s attributes and qualities are developed.  This chapter also talks about… How Onome is introduced to vices at a tender age (rape, alcohol etc.) and though she had both parents there for her. She carries a lot inside and it begins to have its effects on her mentally. We would be shinning a bit of light on her educational side here.

 Chapter two

Onome finally gets into school in this chapter, and takes her pain and inner demon to a place where both parents can’t get to. She gets to meet other people who are either ever to use her or help her….  All the while she has always been looking for that missing piece in her life that gives her sleepless nights, not forgetting that she is a girl that has been through a lot in her tender age. After all said and done, she links up with a group of girls who will be exposing a whole new side of life to her. Also in this chapter, Onome losses her dad and someone (the only thing holding her in place seems to have been taken away from her).

 Chapter 3

After the death of her dad, Onome embarks on a journey of self-discovery and soul searching… She tries to live by the principles of her parents and the doctrines she was brought up by, but she finds it so hard to combine that with the new hardship she has to face (financial crisis and living up to the standard of a university big girl, and gradually she is sucked in by the hustle life, after been raped for the second time by her dads business partner, (who was supposed to be a father figure to her). She goes through that trauma for a while and finally decides to take revenge on whoever. She eventually lets out all the negative emotions bottled up in her. In this chapter, you can say Onome loses the last strand of sweetness in her. She immediately gets Familiar with the big girls on campus and begins to live the life she has always desired.

 I should state here that Onome has always known her demon and run away from it. She knows there is a deep end in her that she might not recover from. But situations never stopped pushing her to the deeper end, and when the things or people she loved the most where taken away from her, there was no comeback for her, there was no one to bring her back to life and somehow she enjoyed beeing a bad girl.

 Chapter four

Onome here is now officially called Slay Mama and her attributes got her the connection and fame faster than usual.  She guards her heart so well and deals with whoever she sees fit. She only mixes up with the high and mighty and it didn’t take long for her grades to drop as she hardly ever attends classes.  She moves from Benin to Ondo to Ibadan and then Lagos.  Here in Lagos she is treated exceptional well. Hooks up with the high and mighty through the aristocrat called big mummy. After a while Onome gets into trouble as she is going on a very fast pace and there is simply no one to bring her back or caution her. Big mommy gets her arrested and there Onome puts her body to play. She narrowly escapes every possibility of death. Onome goes into hiding for a while and takes up another persona, while she vows to expose big mummy to the world.  She takes up the life of a stripper in a private gentle man’s club and there she gathers all she needs to bring big mommy down.


Onome might be so heartless and all, but deep down she misses the innocence that was once her lot. Karma is also a bitch as it comes to play one way or the other…. Onome finds love in one of her runaway trips…  Love so sweet and pure that at a point she forgets all her pains. Though she vows never to come to Nigeria, her lover respects her views….  Karma they say is a bitch and what goes around ALWAYS comes around. Her lover’s God-Aunty offers to come visit in the Caribbean and after so much excitement and preparations….  Just when Onome thinks she has finally escaped her old life….  Big Mommy Comes Calling Again….