Cyprian Josson

Nollywood in a French High School LYCEE NOTRE DAME Chartres, France

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FILM FOR STUDENTS DAY June 5th, 2018 Lycée notre Dame “Film for Students Day” aims to introduce students to the Nigerian Film industry called Nollywood. The project’s goal is to support classroom teaching on Africa by screening one selected Nollywood films on the 5th of June 2018, carefully selected in order to develop students’ cinema […]

Hilda Oti

Hilda Oti is our second personality of the year 2017

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Hilda Oti is a Multi Talented Artist, a Writer, Speaker, Journalist, Spiritual Director and a Media consultant. She is an award winner of the African Diaspora Living Legends Awards, in recognition for her Diaspora International Engagement. Hilda is the CEO of HOBDD Group, Director at Hilda Oti Media International, Founder/publisher of African Rays Magazine the […]

Baroness Uba Iwunwa

Baroness Uba Iwunwa is our personality for the year 2017

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Baroness Uba Iwunwa is a Nigeria born Canadian trained thespian. World Peace Ambassador, Head of Representatives of World Peace Committee Canada. The Ambassador General of World Aid Organization for Human Rights Canada. Uba is the Co-Founder of Ubakey Global Commission for Humanity. Baroness Uba Iwunwa’s award winning body of work earned her the face and […]

Dr. Uti

Meet Dr. Ngozi Victoria Uti :The Creator Of NollyLand

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An innovative mind can never be over emphasized at any point in time and no doubt can never be neglected in the society. For an average person, when they come across an innovation, they either discriminate it or just make use of it but when an innovative or creative person comes across same innovation, they […]