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IFIND Distribution brings Nollywood films to the screens in Cinema Gaumont Saint-Denis in France. Paris – 19 September.

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After a summer of dubbing, subtitling, CNC files and visas, mixing and calibrating, iFind Distribution is proud to invite you to the avant-première of two Nollywood movies on September 19 at the cinema Gaumont Saint Denis: Dinner at 19h50 and 10 days in Sun City at 22h20.

Le Dîner (Dinner)

Le Dîner (Dinner) is the first long feature film of a young Nigerian film director Jay Franklyn Jituboh, representative of the new generation of Nollywood film director. It is an intense drama where relationships between women and men are reviewed. According to Jay Franklyn Jituboh, “Sidomex is glad to be part of history as we open new opportunities for Nollywood movies in the French territories, especially in France. It’s a huge step for the industry and as the CEO of the company, and also the producer of the Movie DINNER, I am excited at what this opportunity will deliver. I look forward to a successful cinema run and hopefully this will be the beginning of many more to come for the Nollywood industry. And furthermore, I hope this opening will strengthen the relationship between the two countries in the entertainment sector.”

10 jours à Sun City (10 days in Sun City)

10 jours à Sun City (10 days in Sun City) is THE summer romance comedy in Nigeria, marrying humor, passion, drama and betrayal. This hilarious movie is presented by the producers of the multiple awards blockbusters of 10 DAYS IN ATLANTA » and « A TRIP TO JAMAICA ». This is the third sequel of the « Akpos » franchise featuring Akpos and his girl friend Bianca during there trip to South Africa and this film is distributed by Nigeria’s formeost distribution company, Filmone Distribution. “I am totally delighted Nigerian movies are now getting theatrical showcase in France. I remember several months ago engaging with Francis Nebot and Ijeoma Onah, as the structure was being developed. We’re all grateful to them for driving and making this possible. I can now tell my folks and movie lovers in Paris and other cities of France that Nollywood has come to stay in mainstream cinemas in France”, said Kene Mkparu, MD/CEO of the biggest cinema chain in Nigeria Filmhouse Cinemas and FilmOne Distribution/Production.

According to Francis Nebot, Founder IFIND distribution, working with Ijeoma Onah on this milestone achievement for months we are indeed proud to enlarge the audience and revenue stream for Nollywood films by launching out with the commercial release in France thereby reaching out to French speaking Africa Diaspora and the entire French speaking community.

Both movies are the first two ever French dubbed Nollywood films to have officially received their CNC visas for a commercial exhibition in France! 10 days is even premiered in France before UK. Both movies are indeed highly esteemed examples of this blossoming and vibrant industry ranked second in the world (with an estimated 3 billon dollar revenues in 2016), with more than 1000 films produced last year and with more than 1 million people living from it. Born in the nineties with the boom of the videotape industry, this popular cinema is indeed acquiring today its gentry status.

IFind’s Pictures department has been in charge since April 2017 of the production and distribution of Nollywood blockbusters to be dubbed and subtitled in French. Commercial releases will start in France with Gaumont Pathe from September 20 onwards and in Africa with CanalOlympia releases in 8 African countries from October end onwards.

A road trip in France with commercial releases in Gaumont Pathé cinemas in Paris, Marseille, Lyon Bordeaux, Lyon and Calais is also foreseen.