Naija Standard Newspaper is a Fake news website and Newspaper by Cyprian Josson

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Naija standard newpaper is fake. The puppet editors have joined the list of hungry gutter journalists in Nigeria in publishing fabricated lies about a successful Nollywood event organized by Cyprian Josson for his students in Lycée notre Dame Chartres, France.  Naija standard newpapers and website is not credible as the editors have perfected in fake news. This is a scam to deceive the Nigerian people in the name of journalism. If you agree with me that Naija standard newspaper is fake, their stories underpins a criminal and funny editorial line which many Nigerian journalists are practicing today because they are hungry.

Some of their headlines when they have no fake news to oocupy their time looks like the one below:

“A man killed himself and ran away”

It should be noted that Cyprian Josson is a Nollywood researcher, Analyst and Consultant who teaches social sciences. He is also the author of the book, Nollywood: The Billion Dollars Money Zone (2016). None of them can get to this position in France. He is a respected writer who have been requested to supply papers for the African magazine on Nollywood. Cyprian is an Africanist but his encounter with two fools from Nigeria he invited out of pity to his school kicked off what is new to him “Fake News”. It was simply motivated out of jealousy and greed to see a fellow Nigerian overseas in a comfortable position. That’s the Nigerian mindset !

The Notre Dame Student Shot a 3 minutes Movie plus other workshops. See Videos below:

The short film MAFIAS’ REVENGE was written, directed and produced by the students of Lycée Notre Dame Chartres, France, under the supervision of our Nollywood Director, Filmmaker and Film Tutor Chucks Mordi who came all the way from London to teach them how to make a low budget movie in the Nollywood style. Many thanks.

The links below tell the story of how two guests he invited to his school fabricated fake news about the Nollywood event in his school. This is what is called the “Nigerian mindset” and “new scam-419” used by thousands of Nigerian journalists to extort money from innocent and creative people. Cyprian Josson refused to be one of their victims and the result is the article you have read or about to read on their fake websites and newspapers online.

Longy Agoha, one of the speakers of the Nollywood event at Lycée Notre dame Chartres, France, reviews the Movie BLEEDING ROSE directed by Chucks Mordi. This video is one of the memorable moments of this Nollywood event, first of its kind in a French high school across the globe. The event was organised by Cyprian Josson, author of the book Nollywood: The Billion Dollars Money Zone. Watch Video Below:

 The second edition of our Nollywood event in lycée Notre Dame is scheduled on the 5th of June , 2018.  We are passionate in our academic work to show our students the brand Nollywood which has written the African continent into world history.

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Nestor Duru, Scriptwriter, Director and Filmmaker talks to 64 students of Lycée Notre dame Chartres, France, about the movie BLEEDING ROSE directed by Chucks Mordi after the screening during the Nollywood Film For Studnets Day 2017. BLEEDING ROSE won the Best Nigerian Feature Film 2007 Lagos International Film Festival.

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