Chucks Mordi, Consultant, Filmmaker and Film Tutor editing a short film "MAFIAS' REVENGE shot by students at the Film For Students Day, Lycée Notre Dame Chartres, France

Nollywood Film Director Chucks Mordi is a member of Nollywood France

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Chucks Mordi is a Consultant, Filmmaker and Film Tutor. Chucks is one of the leading names in Nollywood, one of the trail blazing filmmakers, a cure industry builder that caught the pure vision for globally acceptable film industry in Nigeria. Mordi served as a Secreatry General to the Directors Guild of Nigeria from 1999 to 2000.

 From 2000, he relocated to the UK, where he led an active campaign for the Nigerian Film industry: Nollywood to have a footing and in 2003, Mordi secured a license for Nollywood films to be screened on the Big screens first at the Peckham Multiplex with “ECHOES TO THE BONE” a Chucks Mordi film. In 2007, his movie “Bleeding Rose” won the Best Film Award at the Lagos International Film Festival.

Chucks has recently launched his Mobile Film Academy in a French high school, Lycée Notre Dame Chartres, France.